How It Works is an online fundraising platform. We provide useful web-based fundraiser applications for use with large groups such as schools, clubs, or teams.

Our primary fundraiser application is an individual and team based direct donation fundraiser with incentives. Individual participants belong to teams (e.g., schools, classes, scout troops), but fundraise as individuals. Participants directly solicit donations from supporters and earn incentives or prizes as they reach custom fundraiser milestones. Supporters are able to donate via, cash, check, or online via credit card and paypal. provides a great deal of organizational tools for fundraiser administrators. Administrators can control prize levels, team organization, participant registration, prize distribution tracking, and a wide array of reporting tools. fundraiser programs are always free to set up and run. We only charge a small fee for online donations. For more information, see the Pricing section below.

Closed Alpha In Progress

We are currently conducting a closed alpha trial of If you are interested in participating in our upcoming beta trial or simply want to stay informed about, please enter your email address in the form below.

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Our users are here to raise money, not spend it! We do everything to keep our costs low and help you raise the most.

It costs you nothing to create and run a fundraiser. You can collect cash and checks in the real world for free and we will handle credit cards and paypal in cyber space.

Create and Run FundraiserCashChecksCredit CardsPaypal
FeeFreeFreeFree30¢ + 5.9%
per transaction
* Transactions in currencies other than USD may be subject to additional fees.
** $15 fee for chargebacks (disputed charges).